.Amsterdam is the new top-level domain of Amsterdam. Now everyone has the opportunity to become an Amsterdammer online. If you want to register a .amsterdam domain or just want to find out more about .amsterdam, visit the public website
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ICANN-Accredited Registrar

Non-ICANN Accredited Registrar

Download the Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) hereSign and return the RRA to Upon receipt you will receive test logins and the registry integration documents. Once your application is processed in our back-end, you will receive passwords live environments.

If you are affiliated with an ICANN Accredited Registrar, ask about the .amsterdam extension. If your registrar does not offer the extension, please have a look below at the list of registrars that have already signed up with .amsterdam.


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if you have any other questions, please contact the .amsterdam registry at Technical questions about the EPP connection may be directed to SIDN, the back-end provider of .amsterdam: